PubMatic Innovators Build the Future of Programmatic in 36 Hours

Hackathon Blog Picture

On February 4th PubMatic’s second Hackathon kicked off across three of our global offices in Pune, India, Redwood City, California and New York City.  Creative minds began working excitedly as the sun began to rise. Most developers worked through the night and cranked code for thirty-two hours straight.

PubMatic’s Hackathon, dubbed “The Innovation Contest” brought employees with various skillsets (ranging from data science to Java) and across different functions (from product management to IT) together to form thirty-seven teams in total. 121 innovators came forward with their ideas to participate and build the most innovative technology in the industry. Ideas aligned with three key themes – the future of ad-tech, infrastructure optimization, and automation. Initiatives ranged from innovative ways of rendering multi-sized ads to building new analytics solutions.

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