How PubMatic Helped UK Publisher National Rail Enquiries Grow Revenue Across Devices


Founded in 2003, National Rail Enquiries (NRE) is the U.K.’s premier source for train times and tickets and one of the most popular travel sites in the country.

The Story Behind the Success

In January 2012, NRE sought a programmatic partner that would help maximize its revenue potential without interrupting customer experience on the site. After reviewing several technology partners, NRE decided to work with PubMatic because of the company’s hands-on,consultative approach, its proven track record in helping premium publishers build cross-device monetization strategies and its unique focus on the needs of the modern publisher, all while ensuring brand safety is top of mind.

PubMatic solves NRE’s pain points with three key strategies:

  1. Optimize monetization on all mobile web and app inventory
  2. Scale the publisher’s high quality inventory across multiple demand sources
  3.  Maintain the integrity of the site with seamless, uninterrupted consumer experiences

A Tailored Approach

To meet these goals, PubMatic helped NRE execute a strategy focused on data-driven monetization and cross-platform programmatic strategies. First, on the monetization side, NRE was able to use PubMatic’s platform to better leverage its valuable first-party data,which includes demographic, location and device information. By integrating this data into the bulk of its ad impressions, NRE was able to help its brand advertisers target consumers with highly relevant advertising messages.

By packaging mobile inventory with highly specific parameters, creating premium inventory packages for brand advertisers, PubMatic helps drive the publisher’s revenue and maintains the trust and transparency its consumers rely on. PubMatic has put additional brand safety measures in place to ease any concerns that NRE may have about interrupting the customer experience on its site.

“Working with PubMatic, we have seen a significant uplift in mobile revenue whilst adhering to our core values of user experience and transparency.Creating relevant, customized experiences for our customers comes first. PubMatic’s core has always been tech, service and the user experience first, ticking all the boxes for us.

“…The integrity of our site must be matched by the integrity of my partners and PubMatic have never let me down in this regard. PubMatic is the long-term partner that we were looking for; they recognize our focus, but also our concerns around the importance of brand safety and trust.”
—Jonathan McCauley-Oliver, Online Sales Manager, NRE

Success by the Numbers

Employing enriched tags in the second half of 2014enabled NRE to capture device ID from iOS andAndroid apps and using PubMatic’s mobile suite,NRE have seen a 65% increase in revenue across its mobile, web and app offering. With the growth and success of mobile inventory, PMP has also

proven to be a successful revenue driver across all channels. Additionally, because of the first-party data integration, NRE saw an increase in average eCPMs of 25% for its ad inventory from February2012 to April 2016.


To learn more, download the full case study below:


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