How PubMatic Helped Swedish Publisher Consortium Adapt ADX Grow Private Marketplace Revenue


In recent months, publisher consortiums have gained significant traction as publishers seek to offer brand advertisers premium content and audiences at scale. Publishers have been forced to compete with digital giants that are eating up more and more ad spend because of their ability to scale audience based buying. According to eMarketer, 54% of total digital ad spend is projected to go to Facebook and Google by 2018.

PubMatic has seen great success in helping publisher consortiums connect with premium demand partners and scale its programmatic offerings across devices. Specifically, Swedish publisher consortium Adapt ADX has been working with PubMatic for nearly a year and has seen great success.

The Story Behind the Success

Adapt ADX is a Swedish publisher consortium consisting of six of the country’s largest newspaper groups, reaching 75% of Swedish news readers. The company combines advertising inventory from more than 50 sites, delivering 750 million impressions per month and reaching more than 7 million monthly average unique visitors.

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In May 2015, the company was searching for a supply-side platform (SSP) partner with a deep understanding of programmatic advertising and possessed significant experience working with companies of Adapt ADX’s scale. In the twelve months prior, AdaptADX saw a 400% increase in demand for programmatic advertising as its representative audience rapidly shifted to digital consumption.

Adapt ADX selected PubMatic for three key reasons. First, PubMatic’s unique publisher focus and ability to bring demand from all parts of the world to Sweden’s growing digital media market. Second, Adapt ADX’s growing portfolio of cross-platform assets required a partner with cross-platform programmatic experience. Third, PubMatic’s extensive experience in private marketplaces (PMPs) was attractive as Adapt ADX was looking to monetize its high-quality, audience-based inventory through PMPs.

A Tailored Approach to Private Marketplaces 

PubMatic’s deep level of experience in programmatic advertising, supported by a high level of customer and technical service, enabled Adapt ADX to hit the ground running upon implementation. Adapt ADX’s previous SSPs were unable to deliver PubMatic’s level of service. 

Adapt ADX’s sales team are able to easily and seamlessly input deals into PubMatic’s platform, and receives deal management support from PubMatic. “The platform is really easy to use. We use it all the time for our PMPs, and PubMatic is there to help when we encounter any issues,” noted Anna Ireby, CEO at Adapt ADX.

More recently, Adapt ADX has worked closely with PubMatic to develop the ability to sell different ad formats within the same tag. “Cross-platform is the future of digital media. We know that better than anyone coming from a print origin. The global population is increasingly consuming their news through multiple devices, and Swedes are above average when it comes to time spent with digital. We are very early adopters,” added Ireby.

Success by the Numbers

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Nine months after a successful partnership with PubMatic, Adapt ADX has seen positive results. Programmatic revenues have increased 20% since implementation in June 2015, and average CPMs have increased 10% in that time, across both desktop and mobile.

Additionally, its PMP set up has helped monetize its valuable, high-quality inventory at scale. Since PubMatic implementation, Adapt ADX’s PMP revenues have increased 110%, and its average CPMs have risen 95%.

To learn more, download the full fast study below.


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