Infographic: How to Optimize Advertising in the Increasingly Mobile World

Infographic Header

When mobile adoption and usage first exploded over a decade ago, most publishers and advertisers simply reformatted desktop content into smaller versions for mobile devices, which was not up to consumer expectations. However, throughout the past decade, the media and advertising industry has been steadily creating more compelling and engaging mobile experiences.

For years, PubMatic has been working with premium publishers to identify the best mobile strategies for site specific content and audience in order to drive revenue and foster advertiser relationships. In Q3 2015, PubMatic launched the Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) report, which analyzes the billions of daily impressions flowing through the PubMatic platform, in order to provide publishers and advertisers with key insights into the mobile advertising market. Download the most recent QMI report from Q1 2016 here

Today PubMatic released the below infographic, “How to Optimize Advertising in the Increasingly Mobile World,” to help publishers and advertisers gain a better understand of both macroeconomic trends and more tactical mobile strategies.

PubMatic Mobile Infographic May2016 v1 (PNG)