Case Study: Growing Publisher Revenue Through Header Bidding

header bidding

The shift toward header bidding technologies for premium publishers has dominated programmatic discussions for obvious reasons – increases in revenue and yield, optimized impressions and more control over inventory. The overwhelmingly positive impact of header bidding can be seen not only overall on PubMatic’s platform, where premium publishers see 53% higher CPMs, on average, but also across major content verticals, including news, retail / e-commerce, financial information and entertainment & lifestyle.

By implementing PubMatic’s Header Bidding Solution, premium publishers see 3 key benefits:

  1. Maximized revenue opportunities by allowing programmatic demand to compete with direct-sold inventory
  2. Regain control of ad decisioning process
  3. Faster site performance with the elimination of passbacks

We want to highlight the experiences of four premium publishers that have experienced significant gains in CPM and revenue performance through PubMatic’s header bidding technology, Decision Manager.

A large-scale national news publisher leveraged header bidding technology to help its brand advertisers scale their campaigns across multiple web properties and drive significant revenue and CPM gains. From Q4 2015 to Q1 2016, the company saw:

header bidding

A global retail / e-commerce publisher used header bidding to enhance the connections between advertiser partners, allowing them to target consumers at the most relevant moments in the purchasing lifecycle. In Q1 2016, the company saw:

header bidding

A leading financial information premium publisher fully embraced header bidding after early successes, and now sees the vast majority of ad revenue (on PubMatic’s platform) coming from header bidding demand sources. In 2016, the company has experienced:

header bidding

After implementing header bidding, this large-scale entertainment & lifestyle publisher was able to enhance targeting for brand advertiser campaigns and achieve higher value for its inventory. In 2016,the company has seen:

header bidding

To learn more, download this full header bidding case study.


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