PubMatic’s Wrapper Solution is Helping Premium Publishers Take Back Control of Monetization

header bidding

header bidding

Earlier this month, PubMatic launched the industry’s first enterprise-grade wrapper solution for publishers, which solves for the inefficiencies in header tag management and measurement in header bidding strategies. As premium publishers continue to rapidly adopt header bidding, they need a complete wrapper solution that enables the holistic management of all header bidding partners and provides a transparent, real-time view into bid activity and volume, monetization and latency metrics.

PubMatic is excited to announce today that it has been selected by Web Financial Group, one of Europe’s largest providers of digital technology driven-solutions for the evolution of financial services industry, to power programmatic advertising across its desktop and mobile web inventory. Web Financial Group will implement PubMatic’s leading enterprise-grade wrapper solution, helping to maximize revenue on an impression-by-impression basis and replacing the opaque waterfall set-up implemented previously.

In addition, existing wrapper tags are complicated and require extensive resources for integration. As compared to other wrapper offerings in market, PubMatic’s wrapper solution reduces integration time by up to 80 percent, which is critical to publishers with limited technical resources. Prior, publishers needed to rely on engineering teams for tag management and integration. Now, publishers, like Web Financial Group, can easily configure and measure all of their header bidders through a powerful, intuitive user interface. PubMatic’s solution allows Web Financial Group to focus on their business and leave the tactical work to an experienced technology partner.

Web Financial Group’s media division will work with PubMatic to drive their programmatic strategy across their assets in Spain and other primary markets across Europe including the UK, Germany, France and Italy, monetizing the significant opportunity presented by their highly valuable, premium business audience.

The needs of the publishing industry are changing at a dynamic pace.

Header bidding has evolved to container tags, all of which have demonstrated to publishers, across content verticals, that independent technology can address unique inventory management needs and yield significant positive results in revenue and CPM gains.

In fact, since integrating with PubMatic’s header bidding technology, one entertainment and news property has seen a 50% increase in average CPMs and daily revenue increase between 9X-16X on PubMatic’s platform. Another leading news publisher saw a 70% increase in average CPMs and a 63% lift in revenue, all within the first four weeks of initial integration with PubMatic’s header bidding technology.

PubMatic is excited to be working with premium publishers around the globe to help them maximize revenue on each impression, and ultimately reclaim control of their inventory. To learn more about header bidding and wrapper solutions, download PubMatic’s most recent white paper, “Lessons Learned in Header Bidding.”

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