Taking Next Steps in the Global Programmatic Advertising Market

programmatic advertising

As the global advertising market continues to grow, more opportunities exist for publishers and advertisers to reach and interact with their audiences. According to eMarketer, the global digital advertising market currently stands at $198 billion, and is projected to grow to nearly $255 billon in 2018. More specifically, in mobile advertising, PubMatic’s Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) found that the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region saw an 82% increase, year-over-year, in monetized mobile impression volume in Q4 2015 and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region saw a 524% increase, representing the fastest–growing global opportunity. Publishers and advertisers need a partner that will not only help them capitalize on this opportunity, but protect their most important asset – their relationship with their audiences.

In order to capitalize on these market opportunities, premium publishers need an experienced partner to work closely with them to develop and implement the most sophisticated strategies. On the other side of the coin, advertisers need access to global, high-quality inventory in order to reach their consumers on a global scale. As PubMatic continues its global expansion, we are proud to be the trusted partner for so many premium publishers and advertisers around the world, connecting publishers’ high-quality inventory with the right brand advertisers across a multitude of devices and formats.

Drive Cross-Platform Strategies for Publishers:

Last week, PubMatic announced that it was selected by Tencent Online Media Group, one of China’s leading digital publishers, as one of the partners to power the programmatic advertising for the publisher’s web and in-app inventory across its mobile and desktop sites. PubMatic simplifies the stack for publishers – its end-to-end mobile solution combines ad serving, yield management, workflow automation and real-time analytics. The Tencent Online Media Group partnership is focused on optimizing every impression across screens and formats, driving the publisher’s global monetization strategy and bringing high-quality inventory to advertisers.

Developing Scalable Programmatic Solutions:

In response to an increasing demand from media agencies in the Swedish market for automated advertising, Hemnet, one of the largest publishers in Sweden, recently decided to introduce programmatic into its advertising strategy. In search of a mature and stable supply-side platform (SSP), with expert knowledge in programmatic, Hemnet partnered exclusively with PubMatic to power its programmatic advertising. We are dedicated to coupling PubMatic’s One Platform Solution with the publisher’s scale and quality inventory to drive monetization.

Enhancing Targeting Capabilities:

In November 2015, PubMatic announced its partnership with FreakOut, a leader in Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) in Japan to launch a location-based mobile PMP. The partnership presents a source for media buyers and advertisers of quality, location-based mobile inventory, adhering to the current demand in the market. It is an important opportunity for publishers in Japan because they are able to increase monetization in mobile apps and generate higher CPMs by passing their location information to FreakOut. Location information is extremely desirable for brands as they follow the consumers across devices. For advertisers, access to this high-quality mobile inventory is essential to creating an enjoyable, cross-device consumer experience as they continue to seek out ways to find specific consumers on specific devices.

PubMatic also recently began working with the Sweden based campaign measurement company, AudienceProject. The integration of the company’s data into the PubMatic platform will help premium publishers increase the value of their private marketplace (PMP) inventory for media buyers, and enhance targeting capabilities for advertisers.

The explosive growth in the APAC and EMEA regions sets the stage for enormous opportunities; publishers must ensure they have the right global partner to optimize monetization strategies, and the same for advertisers in order to access to high-quality inventory to reach consumers on a global scale.

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