Ad Revenue 2015: Getting Ahead of Real-Time

ad revenue conference


Earlier this week, PubMatic convened more than 400 agency, media, technology and publishing executives for our Ad Revenue conference 2015. Media industry leaders met to share their insights and explore new strategies to automate, scale, and simplify the ad buying and selling process.

Publishers and buyers alike stressed to the industry the importance of aligning creativity and technology, knowing how to use data to make strategic business decisions and ensuring workforces understand how to make the most of the technology that is ultimately creating a valuable experience for the consumer.

Thank you to our speakers, sponsors and attendees for a full day of informative and lively conversations that examined what the advertising marketplace will look like over the next several years. We learned how to help the publishing industry thrive.

The success of Ad Revenue in New York has us even more excited to continue the conversation at Ad Revenue Europe. Register today.

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