The ABCs of Programmatic Continued (D-L)

ABCs ImageIn the latest installment of our ABCs of Programmatic series – where we try to help demystify programmatic by defining some of its most frequently used buzzwords – we cover the letters “D” through “L.” This takes us from DAAST to Latitude/Longitude (Lat/Long).

• DAAST (Digital Audio Ad Serving Template): A standard structure for delivering the details of an audio ad from an ad server to an audio player using an XML schema. Modeled directly after the widely adopted Video Ad Serving Template (VAST), this is the first formal approach to standardizing audio ad delivery and addresses ad execution scenarios and formats unique to audio like voice recognition, logo titles, and video. Source: IAB

• Data-Management Platform (DMP): Platforms that collect, manage, optimize, organize, segment, and share large amounts of data, making the data flexible and actionable to perform a range of services.

• Deal ID: A piece of code containing the agreed-upon terms (negotiated pricing, for example) between an advertiser and a publisher that allows the advertiser to access the publisher’s inventory. Deal IDs are instrumental in facilitating Private Marketplace deals, for example. Source: AdAge, PubMatic

• Demand-Side Platform (DSP): A company that handles automated media buying from advertisers across multiple sources using unified targeting, data, RTB optimization, and reporting. Generally, DSPs connect directly to supply-side platforms (SSPs) to enable publishers to package and sell inventory themselves. Source: IAB, PubMatic

• eCPM (Effective Cost Per Thousand): A form of measurement that allows advertisers to gauge the cost differences between a CPC and CPM campaign in order to determine which is more cost effective.

• First-Party Data: User information collected and stored by social media sites, website publishers, retailers, and others after the user visits a digital property. Source: AdAge, PubMatic

• Frequency Capping: The limit put on the number of times an impression is exposed to an advertisement message.

• Geotargeting: Showing ads to consumers based on their mobile device’s location, such as ZIP code information users submit when registering on a site or service or GPS coordinates collected by an application or site. Source: AdAge, PubMatic

• IAB Rising Stars Ad Units: An interactive digital ad format that entices consumers with high-quality tech. Source: IAB, PubMatic

• Impressions: Simply put, impressions are views of a given web page. The number of potential impressions is used to determine the cost of displaying an ad. Source: IAB, PubMatic

• I/O – Insertion Order: The contracted order form to buy advertising space between a buyer and a seller; a purchase order between an interactive advertising seller and a buyer (usually an advertiser or its agency). Source: IAB

• Latitude/Longitude (Lat/Long): A geographic coordinate system that, when used in the context of mobile advertising, refers to the location data that can be shared from a device to help identify characteristics of the user, environment or context. Lat/Long is a critical metric that helps make advertising content more valuable to the publisher, advertiser, and consumer.

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