5 Things You Didn’t Know About Header Bidding

header bidding

By Evan Krauss, VP Publisher Development, Americas and
Nishant Khatri, Director, Product Management

Over the last six months or so, header bidding has been a hot topic in ad tech industry circles, with headlines spanning from explanations of what header bidding is (e.g. WTF is header bidding) to strong arguments for or against the marketing tactic (e.g. 50 percent CPM uplift from header bidding and Publishers weigh the downsides to header bidding).

To level-set, header bidding is a programmatic advertising tactic implemented by a publisher to elicit more bids on its ad inventory. This is executed through an on-page piece of JavaScript code in the “header” of a publisher’s website—thus the term, “header” bidding. While this concept isn’t a new or remarkable breakthrough in innovation, some are heralding it as a game-changing booster of CPMs, while others are skeptical and wary of the effect the practice will have on page load times and technical upkeep.

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How the U.K.’s National Rail Helps Advertisers Reach Consumers at the Most Optimal Mobile Moment


You might not know it, but every time you pick up your smartphone to view content, you’re creating what’s called a “mobile moment.” These moments have piqued brand advertisers’ interests as opportunities to share relevant marketing messages on our tiny screens; but from publishers’ perspective, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to achieve these precarious, highly personal interactions.

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PubMatic Hackathon 2016


On Thursday, February 4, PubMatic employees across the globe will team up for PubMatic’s second hackathon, dubbed The Innovation Contest at PubMatic, which will take place simultaneously in its Pune, Redwood City, and New York City offices. This 36-hour event will focus on creating solutions that will help drive monetization for our publishers and help us achieve our goal of exceeding our customer’s expectations. Last year’s winning teams won cash prizes for developing an intuitive and intelligent search, discovery and recommendation engine, an optimized user sync pixel for DSP, and real-time bid throttling for an ad server.

We’re looking forward to seeing the groundbreaking ideas that emerge this year. Learn more about The Innovation Contest at PubMatic.

Advertisers Treat Themselves to Mobile PMP Inventory This Holiday Season, Paying Off for Premium Publishers


Industry leading stakeholders have set out to eradicate suspect impressions on a global level throughout the past year, and premium publishers and advertisers have begun to feel the impact of this industry shift to quality. Our Q4 2015 Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) report, released today, shows that advertisers are directing ad spending towards higher-quality inventory with better targeting capabilities, especially through more transparent mobile private marketplaces (PMPs). As a result, premium publishers are garnering higher prices for their inventory and attracting more mobile ad spending.

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How Analytics Can Increase PMP Revenue for Publishers


By: Jim Tarr, Director of Product Marketing Big Data & Analytics 
Alaric Thomas, Director Product Management Big Data & Analytics

Private marketplace (PMP) adoption continued to increase in 2015, and there are no signs of it slowing down. eMarketer estimates that PMP spending will reach $3.65 billion this year and grow 35% to a projected $4.93 billion by 2017. These gains are driven, in part, by the premium prices that PMP inventory garner. PubMatic’s Q3 2015 Quarterly Mobile Index Report found that PMP CPMs are higher than non-PMP CPMs, by a factor of 5-6x for mobile PMP and 3-4x for desktop PMP.

Publishers are embracing PMPs as a means to gain more control over which advertisers run on their premium inventory in the programmatic space. Buyers are interested in PMP as it allows them to better reach their target audience through a publisher they trust, with the benefit of access to premium inventory that might not otherwise be available in the open market.

While PMPs will likely continue to be an effective programmatic solution in 2016 for publishers and buyers alike, they present some challenges. For publishers, issues like finding the right buyers, setting pricing and troubleshooting can create barriers to successful PMP implementation. However, with the right data and actionable information, these challenges can be overcome. The following are a few suggested strategies for publishers to address these issues by leveraging analytics.

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2015’s Momentous Mobile Milestones


By Evan Krauss, VP, Publisher Development

As we reflect on the changes and trends from 2015, it’s clear that it has been a transformative year for the media industry. In addition to the rise in private marketplaces and video capabilities, maturity in mobile took center stage. 2015 saw significant strides for the smartphones and mobile devices we carry everywhere, with U.S. adults spending an average of 2 hours and 54 minutes per day on these devices, according to eMarketer. As we enter 2016, we outlined three major developments from last year that indicate mobile’s continued ascension toward consumer and media dominance:

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Advertising’s $13 Billion Missed Market Opportunity

mobile video

By Evan Krauss, VP, Publisher Development

It’s unsurprisingly official – we’ve passed the mobile “tipping point,” and there are now more mobile than desktop users worldwide. In the U.S. alone, people spend more than 2.5 hours each day on their mobile device – that’s more than half of the total time they spend online. And they’re spending a growing portion of that time – about 20 minutes – watching video.

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PubMatic’s 2016 Future Predictions (Part II)

2016 Digital Media Predictions

The Publisher’s Crystal Ball Part II: 2016 Digital Advertising Industry Predictions

In our first group of predictions, we discussed four trends on how we see consumer behaviors impacting the digital media and advertising industries in 2016. In part II, we’ll discuss what’s ahead in the New Year in terms of the digital advertising industry at large. Specifically, five industry trends are of note and will have a large impact on the path forward in 2016.

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PubMatic’s 2016 Future Predictions (Part I)

2016 Digital Media Predictions

The Publisher’s Crystal Ball, Part I: 2016 Consumer Predictions Impacting Digital Media & Advertising

2015 has been a year of incredible growth and change for the digital media and advertising space. From the ever-evolving list of challenges to the growing innovations in technology, publishers have been pushed to find new solutions to advertiser issues and maintain relevance in an increasingly crowded space. As we look forward to 2016, change is the only constant. With that in mind, we’ve put together an overview of our top nine predictions for digital advertising in 2016 – for consumers and for the industry at large. First up, consumer predictions that will impact the digital media industry:

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Follow the Consumer: Creating a True Cross-Platform Experience

By Evan Krauss, VP Publisher Development, PubMatic

At the recent Ad Revenue Europe conference in London, cross-device marketing was top of mind for publishers. On the panel, “Mobile Video Your Time Has Come,” speakers agreed that the industry needs to stop treating mobile as a separate entity, similar to the way digital media was treated 10 years ago. Consumers are driving the changes, and the media industry needs to keep up.

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